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How does it feel to know that you betrayed my trust? That you shattered my life to pieces, That you turned my soul to dust? What’s it like to know, that you haunt my every dream and how every single night, I wake up with a piercing scream? Does it make you want to laugh, when you know I live in fear? Or when you know that your the cause of the voices that I hear? Did you enjoy watching me suffer, while you inflicted the pain? When you beat me and you raped me, Like it was all some sort of game? Do you cherish all those things you took, Those things you stole from me; My innocence and my confidence? Did it ever cross your mind that night, to take my life? Or did you hope that maybe I would snap, and do it myself ? Does it scare you that I’m still alive, and that i know what you have done? Are you paranoid that one day, I might actually tell someone? Is the guilt eating at your thoughts, is it getting into your brain? Do you regret the things you’ve done to me, to make me live a life of pain? Do you think that I’m still scared of you? If you do your fucking wrong. Did you ever think I’d get through this  and once again be strong? I’ve got you cornered with your sins, You’ve been trapped in your own hole. Does it frighten you to know, That I’m the one who’s in control? Are you mad because I put an end, To your cruel little game?  Does it disappoint you, That I no longer feel the pain? Are you nervous when I look at you?  Will you be weary when we meet? You should be; if there’s one thing that you’ve taught me, It’s how revenge is always sweet.

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Anonymous asked: I really don't think abortion is a good excuse for the lack of care that someone had. Except in cases of rape. But aside from that, there are so many ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Why does a little soul must be punished for lack of oversight of its generators? If you don't want the baby, there's adoption, I think it causes far less suffering than abort, because there are people who really are willing to love this new being. Don't you think? Didn't mean to be rude before or now.



First off, you can be using three forms of protection, and still have an unplanned pregnancy. Birth control is not flawless. It helps, of course, but no matter how responsible someone is being, they can find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. 

"Well if you choose to have sex you have to be responsible for and accept the possibility you might get pregnant and have a baby. You shouldn’t have sex if you don’t want a child!"

Whether someone gets pregnant when theyre on three forms of birth control or gets pregnant from completely unprotected sex, repeat after me:
Children are not a punishment for sex.

Children are not a punishment for sex.


Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are not punishments for sex!!!

We don’t deny smokers cancer treatment because they accepted the risk by smoking, we don’t deny people who got in car accidents medical attention because they took the risk by driving, hell, we don’t even deny criminals who shoot others, and OD on drugs medical attention, so we sure as hell can’t deny a pregnant person medical attention because they took the risk by having sex.

Adoption is a great option, but it only solves the problem of not wanting/being able to parent a child. Not the problem of being pregnant.

Pro-lifers seem to forget that pregnancy and childbirth itself, even if adoption follows, can ruin a person’s life, and is extremely transformative, be it in a positive or negative way. You are never going to be the same once going through that. It changes your body, your hormones, your emotions. Many people experience crippling sickness and complications, causing them to lose their job, lose their home, have to drop out of school, etcetera. Prenatal care is not cheap. Mothers who fall pregnant may struggle to feed their already living breathing feeling children and lower their quality of life if forced to carry a fetus they don’t have the means to provide for or deal with. 

And it all comes down to the fact that people cannot and should not be made to sacrifice their bodies for a pregnancy they do not want, for whatever reason they do not want or can not have it. We have an awesome thing called bodily autonomy. Meaning nobody can use our bodies without our consent. Even when we are DEAD. If you and I got in a car crash, and I died, and you desperately needed one of my organs to survive, you STILL couldn’t take that organ, even though it is of no use to me, to save your own life, unless I had consented when I was alive to be an organ donor. Therefore, claiming that a fetus has a right to use a pregnant person’s body for 9-10 months, has the right to take over all the pregnant person’s organs and body chemistry, has the right to change their body forever, not only does it give a fetus more rights than anyone else in the world, it also gives the pregnant person less rights than a dead body.

There is also a major flaw in your argument, which is “Except in cases of rape,” because in that statement, you are proving that it really isn’t about the fetus. If you truly believed that fetuses had rights, were sentient souls deserving of a chance at being born, it wouldn’t matter whether they were conceived through rape or not, would it? Fetuses that result from rape and fetuses that result from loving relationships are biologically the same, so why does one deserve rights in your opinion, and the other not? Perhaps you have internalized misogyny which causes you to believe that females deserve to be punished with unwanted pregnancies because they had sex.

I am pro-choice because I am pro-pregnant person. I am on the side of the living, breathing, loving, crying, feeling, struggling people who find themselves carrying a pregnancy when it is not convenient, and I am pro-giving them the option to protect themselves, their jobs, their goals, their bodies, and their pre-existing families, by supporting their access to a safe and legal abortion with no judgement. 

Ok, so I just want to give a Hell yes to the response to the question. Abortion is such a tough topic. It’s one where my passion runs very deeply. I will be damned if someone will take my choice away!! End of story!

I keep a lot of things private and don’t really share personal things that have happened in my life. But I will share this one and I’m sure I will lose followers because of this and I don’t care because you will never know what I felt or where I was coming from. I was dating someone who was just a abusive asshole. We had broken up and I was out partying and ran into my ex, of course one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex. One time without a condom was all it took. I was pregnant. Now just so you guys know he told me he was unable to have kids. So why would I worry right? Well a month later I could tell something was off so I had a feeling and I bought a test and sure enough I was. I was so lost and confused. I didn’t understand how I could be if he wasn’t able to have kids. He was the only person I was with. After it set in I was excited to be a mom it was all I ever wanted to be honest. I adored children. I went to my ex and wanted to know how in the hell I ended up being knocked up. He told me he lied. Who the fuck lies about something like that? I had to tell my parents because abortion was just something I couldn’t do. I had to figure out what I was gonna do. I talked to my parents and had a heart to heart with them. I really had to decide if I was doing the right thing and I just wasn’t ready for a kid. It was selfish of me because I couldn’t give a child what it really needed. So I made the decision to get a abortion. I went and I was scared out of my mind and it was the hardest decision I ever made in my life. Afterwards I just lost it. I cried right there on the table. A part of me died that day. I was never the same after that and still after everything in my life that day was the hardest day and I can never get it back.

The point of the story is my choice was taken from me when I was lied to. No one should make a choice about your body. It’s your body and some of you could never imagine the feeling you have when you have to make that choice. The feeling afterwards, my heart broke that day and it’s never healed. So that’s my story….I’m completely laying it out which for those who know me know it’s not easy for me! 

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I totally bought this shirt today :)
It’s so weird how much my life has changed in the last 5 months. Get someone out of your life and ALL the drama is gone. It’s nice that you’re gone……FINALLY, I can say that now!!!

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If you think you can knock me down anymore than you already have you are sadly mistaken!!!

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