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So I’ve been reflecting today on things in my life and the choices I’ve made. I’ve made some shitty choices in the men department. I haven’t had the best role models in relationships. Hell my father can’t stay faithful to anyone and my mom is faithful but blind as hell to the men she chooses. Both parents married 3 times :/ I’ve tried so hard to be my own person and not be like my parents but damn I’m just like my mother. When I invest my heart and feelings I’ll stay loyal even when I shouldn’t. I don’t get why I let myself be treated so badly. I hate not understanding things!

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At a certain point in your life, you need to learn to let things go and move on from them. It’s something we all learn at different points in our lives. It’s that whole forgive and forget thing. Some people you can forgive and they’re still part of your life (in some capacity), and some people have to be let go. I am nice to people, even people who may have hurt me at one time or another. NONE of us are perfect. We ALL hurt people in our lives. Some of us have learned that it’s just not worth it to hold onto anger, or hurt feelings toward those people, we let it go.I am tired of having who I am questioned. I am tired of being told I’m two-faced because I’ve learned to forgive and coexist with people in my life. And I’m DONE with being ripped to shreds because other people can’t seem to get past their own inability to learn this VERY valuable life lesson. My actions prove that I’m a good person, that I have the ability to interact with people on a mature level. That DOESN’T make me two-faced, that makes me a GROWN UP.
A big thank you to all my followers. It’s crazy how many I have but seriously thank you for appreciating how random I am. It’s nice to know that some actually get me :)

Much Love!

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Caught her cuddling the Dino but she moved when I got my phone to take a pic lol

sheischaosjs asked: Your so : open, and you know who your are or want to be and a total badass anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. A jewel is a jewel.

awe, thank you so much. Sweetest message. Thank you for making my night <3


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blackcoffeeblonde asked: You have such an honest blog. Haha I know that sounds stupid but it's true! Stumbled across you the other day and I'm hooked! Just lettin ya know :)

That really means a lot to me because that’s what I try for. It’s not stupid at all. Thank you so much for taken the time to say that <3

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Sometimes I feel like I’m going through life numb. I go to work, come home and go to sleep. I try so hard to be strong for everyone else. I always have since I was a kid. I always took care of everyone. I was the shoulder to cry on. I kept how I felt silent and it tore me up inside. What is the point to opening up if people just ignore it? I say how I feel but the people who matter don’t listen. They just want to hear what they want. It just doesn’t matter! I’m so sick of wearing a smile and pretending everything is ok, because it’s just not. IT’S NOT OK!!!! 

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It is hard to be strong

When someone special leaves your life

And it doesn’t get any easier with practice

Where will I go

When there’s no where to go but away from you

What will I say

When everything’s been said

But we’re through

What lies ahead

When it all lies behind

But the memories

Will I have the strength

To wipe the tear from my eye

To give one last hug

And whisper “Good-bye”

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